Bands, Books and Sci-Fi

Hello friends! It’s been a heck of a year, in brief:

Completed some beautiful advert scores for Audi, Lincoln, Apple and a bunch of others. Scored a couple of short sci-fi films (Splendor and ABE) for director Rob McLellan. We filmed ABE at Pinewood Studios right after Ridley Scott had shot Prometheus, and had hired the equipment that just came from the Skyfall shoot. Yes, we snorted. MGM have agreed to turn ABE into a feature so we’re all very excited there, and Rob is busy scripting.

Completed our bands second album: Dream Again by STARLING. Recorded at the famous Parr St Studios in Liverpool. The wonderful Liverpool Philharmonic players performed my string arrangements, which was such a thrill to hear and record. The album will be out early 2015, you can grab the first two singles < there. For now, here’s a video for you:

Following that, I’ve been consumed with launching a book I wrote on my mothers life story: The Girl With No Name – The Incredible True Story of a Child Raised by Monkeys. What started out as a personal way to preserve her story has become a Sunday Times Best Seller with multiple translations sold world wide! We are overcome with gratefulness by it’s success, seeing the words I began penning in 2007 reach the shelf has been overwhelming, and even better – we’ve been able to promote and give profits to some fantastic charities and causes.

Promo has been busy, we were invited onto BBC Breakfast, BBC World, ITV’s This Morning, Lorraine, NBC’s The Today Show, BBC radio, and a bunch of interviews with all the main newspapers and some magazines, and a free trip to Colombia, NYC and Looe (!) Please check it out if you’re interested in feral children cases, survival stories, and how humans are tougher than you may think! It’s available online and in most retail stores. Info and interviews all here:


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  1. Jess Moreland says:

    Hello, haven’t got much room in this email box to say all what I need to – in a nutshell, read your Mums story….AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, BREATHTAKING!! Have left a message on her FB page also! I’m the president of Saddleworth WI, it’s our 100th year next year, it would be INSPIRATIONAL to have your mum come and visit our WI, and share her story. Everyone NEEDS to hear it! PLEASE, if you get chance, contact me so I can explain properly! Kind Regards Jess Moreland

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