‘Paintings on Piano’

I’m posting to announce the official release of my debut solo piano album ‘Paintings on Piano’. I finished! It’s available now on iTunes and Amazon. In brief, the album is a collection of short stories told on piano, classical in style, with a filmic and popular music edge. It took a longer than hoped, due to the fact that I decided to try perform each piece and draw the artwork. So a real homegrown project.

I dedicate this album to a very important music teacher: Mrs Helen Hockenhull. Helen was the first teacher to make me feel music was something I could really run with. She introduced me to composition, especially using stories and pictures alongside it as inspiration. She celebrated me with such enthusiasm that I was hooked. The way I wrote this album was as I did back in those starting days: inventing a story and writing it out on the piano. So Helen, I owe you! Thank you. Also to Paul Wilkinson, my piano tutor who nurtured my composing further, and really showed me how a piano could be played, going way beyond the notes. Thank you. Good teachers really do change lives.

Here’s one track from the album, an audio photograph of my first visit to the mighty Alps:


Some of you have asked for sheet music already, but I’m afraid I wrote every piece on a tatty piece of manuscript paper that not even I can read back. So I’m afraid no sheet music has been made. My appologies. Next time, maybe.


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12 Responses to ‘Paintings on Piano’

  1. Ross Corbett says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    I have just downloaded ‘Paintings On Piano’ and it is wonderful! I just wanted you to know :)

    Great work.

  2. ego says:

    anche io l’ho scaricato da i-tunes. non tutto, le prime tre per adesso…

  3. Downloaded your album the day it was released and listened to it a couple of times now. Love the different moods. I used it during a mindmapping training while my participants were drawing mindmaps. Your music supports the creative atmosphere in the room… Tnx!

  4. Phil/tino says:

    I’m happy that for once advertising brings something wonderful… Hope you’ll check your facebook page.
    Phil, french new fan

  5. Renée de Froe says:

    You know, when I heard the hyundai commercial for the first time, I jumped online to find the soundtrack, that is how great I thought (or for that matter think) it is. Today I discovered that you have released your first album, I wish all the choices in life where as easy as the choice of whether to buy it or not! What i however did not hold for possible was that the album would be even grander then you commercial soundtrack, what am I glad that you proved me wrong!! So I can only conclude by saying that it truly lives up to its name, these tracks are paintings on piano, and if you ask me, these are paintings any sensible museum would be in line for.

  6. Renato says:

    ..simply WONDERFUL. Now you just have to release sheet music :D (you will, won’t you?)

    • thank you for your nice words :) I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I haven’t actually thought of doing sheet music for this album to be honest. But i will definitely have a think and hopefully will get the time to transcribe it all! I wrote each piece on a very messy piece of manuscript paper by hand…I’m old fashioned!

  7. Clara says:

    I also really looking forward to be able to buy the sheet music!

  8. Hi, always i used to check blog posts here early in the dawn, for the reason that i like to find out more and

    • Thank you Zinsvergleich. I wish I could be posting more music on here but as you’ve seen from latest blog I’ve been shifted to the book publishing industry! Hopefully I’ll get back to this next piano album I have written down and ready to record before end of year. Best wishes to you. xx

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