The Importance of Inspiration

Usually I can write something everyday, but yesterday was a bad, bad, frustrating day. The problem, however, wasn’t with the coming up of ideas, I had plenty of those, the problem was not being able to see or pick any of them. Nothing excited me enough to want to turn them into a being. It rarely happens, so I wondered how I’d gotten there. Here’s what I think:

I’d not taken time out to get inspired. Which is maybe why I couldn’t find anything I created inspiring enough to grab and run with. The material was all there, but I think when your inspiration is too blocked to pick up on potential in a sound or melody, then your own masterpieces may pass you by. Had you have been in a state of inspiration, maybe you would have had the eyes to see something inspiring. Hope or possibility would have sparked off in you. So maybe it’s not the material that’s the issue, maybe it’s the inspiration in you towards the material that’s the main thing.

So creators…don’t get too busy pulling out creations from within when you’ve not fed up on creation. You may become weak and run into a bad day like mine, and that’s a dangerous place to be. Because you could risk feeling worthless or disliking your own creations, which could put a lid on your productivity for good if you push it too far. And all because you didn’t feel you were producing anything good enough. But you probably were. You just needed inspiration. So beware, don’t become malnutritioned – stay healthy, feed yourself, give yourself time – because you are the instrument that’s really playing the music.


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2 Responses to The Importance of Inspiration

  1. Banana says:

    This is a great thought to dwell on. There are so many times when I’ve felt like the things I’ve produced are worthless; this happens far too often I think. Perhaps it is time to pursue some inspiration (inspiration is like the yummy Jaffa Cake to creativity’s tea break!). Thanks for sharing your thoughts Veeeeeee :) x

  2. Andi says:

    I would like to leave a positve note this afternoon – after just discovering your blog I played a few of the songs from your “Music” section and the Hyundai song somehow striked a chord with my cat. When ever I play it he lifts his ears and goes wondering where the sound comes from and once found sits besides the laptop an purrs.

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