And We’re Live!

Welcome to my website! Thanks for stopping by. I’d like to give a BIG thanks to my talented friend Simon Dempsey ( for making it happen. Here, I’ll post news and updates if I have anything interesting to share. So stay in touch,  leave comments, questions, cakes, anything. With love. VJ


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2 Responses to And We’re Live!

  1. Anna says:

    What wonderful music! Can’t wait to hear a whole ablum – what a treat that will be!

  2. andré luis pereira says:

    sou brasileiro, desculpe não saber inglês…
    mas mesmo assim gostaria de externar meu apreço pela sua obra, em especial a música “summer” que, aliás, estou ouvindo há horas e horas.
    Não se ofenda com o inglês macarrônico.
    Beijos com carinho,
    (segue a tradução do google rsrs)
    I am Brazilian, sorry do not know English …
    but still would like to express my appreciation for his work, especially the song “summer” which, incidentally, I’m listening for hours and hours.
    No offense to the bad English.
    Kisses with love,
    Andre …
    (follow the google translation lol)

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